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uv curing for optical lens

The optical lens is generally referred to as a camera lens, its function is referred to as the lens, optical imaging. Lens for the role of the machine, a direct result of the imaging of the camera effect. Optical lens is an important part of the machine, which directly affects the quality of image. A suitable lens, can reduce the machine vision system, improve the product effect.
Optical lens are widely used in object position detection with high reflection, such as metal, glass, film and chip surface scratch detection, chip and the silicon wafer breakage detection, location of the mark, glass cutting machine, dispensing machine, SMT inspection, paste version of the machine etc. industrial precision alignment, positioning, parts recognition, measurement, industrial microscope, CCD visual positioning and measuring device.
H-tec ned photoelectric specializing in the production of UV light curing machine, UV LED point light source, line source, surface light source at 365 nm, 385 nm), 395 nm, 405 nm wavelength of different power LED, corresponding different UV glue, UV ink, UV varnish, UV paint. At the same time, the corresponding different material requirements, welcomed the need to consult advisory telephone 0755-27381112
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