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HTLD UV LED light source, led UV curing system and led UV curing machine, the exported LED chip technology, environmental protection and energy saving, low cost, simple to use, economic and durable, function characteristics, as a result of the improvement of customer needs, including moisture resistance, waterproof, environmental protection requirements, making following application more and more widely. Led UV point light source to environmentally friendly, efficient, economical, reliable, environmentally friendly features, the majority of manufacturers have been recognized.

UV glue in medical curing is a great feat. Advanced UV LED light source irradiation machine can quickly cure, so that the medical device assembly process has been effectively improved. UV glue is generally used for bonding and sealing medical equipment, led UV light source for medical equipment plays a very important role. For example, the use of UV curing glue to make the energy needs to be improved, saving time and location of the curing time, improve productivity, easier to automate.


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