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UV glue is a kind of strong ultraviolet radiation, it will instantly surface curing glue, the product of the good performance of many manufacturers have been excavated, applied to a lot of industry.
UV glue solidification principle: UV light curing opportunity to produce high intensity ultraviolet, when the UV glue absorbs ultraviolet rays, producing a large amount of reactive free radicals and ionic groups, will make the UV glue change to solid state.
Operation method of UV glue curing machine:
1, the first UV light curing machine to insert the power.
2, and then according to the requirements of the product to adjust the running speed of the mesh belt.
3, can not start too much power, in case the power back.
UV glue curing machine matters needing attention:
1, remove ultraviolet lamp, need to open the cover, loose light power line, pull out the box is removed and replaced.
2, after the shutdown, must wait for UV lamp cooling to start.
3, turn off the UV, the fan will not stop, only when the UV lamp cooling, will automatically cut off the total power supply, the fan stopped.
4, after the start of power supply such as long time do not turn on the lights, the device will automatically cut off the power supply.
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