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UV LED spot curing system application

New UV led spot curing system, traslate eledtricity to light. Is the replacement of the traditional arc mercury lamp type light. High pressure mercury lamp type curing equipment of this product is different from traditional; traditional UV light curing machine looks very bright brightness, high calorie, in fact, its spectrum is very wide, a UV curing mechanism is really effective for only a part of energy, a large part is visible in the section (light) to generate heat, eye damage to the operator is serious and easy to make the workpiece deformation by LED spot curing light, a high purity 365nm monochromatic ultraviolet light, which belongs to the cold light source; the workpiece temperature rose by only 3 degrees, not deformation processing, its energy is highly concentrated in a effective cure a UV spectrum, which is the UV-LED spot curing system only UV light intensity of about 200MW, but the actual use effect and be roughly the same intensity of 1000-2000mw high pressure mercury lamp curing effect The main reason, usually shorten the curing time from 5 to 0.5 seconds.

-UV light curing applications in microelectronics industry
1 mobile phone components (camera, earphone, microphone, shell, LCD module, touch screen coating etc.)
2 hard disk assembly (wire fixed bearing, coil, chip bonding etc.)
3.DVD/ digital camera (lens, lens bonding, circuit board reinforcement)
4 motor and component assembly (wire, coil fixing, coil end fixing, PTC/NTC element bonding, protection of the transformer core)
5. The semiconductor chip (moisture proof protective coating, the wafer mask, wafer inspection of contamination, exposure of UV adhesive tape, crystal Yuan Paoguang check)
6. Sensor production (gas sensor, photoelectric sensor, optical fiber sensor, photoelectric encoder) PCB industry led UV curing applications 1. Elements (capacitance, inductance, a variety of plug-ins, screws, chip, etc.) 2. Fixed damp proof potting and core circuit, chip protection, anti-oxidation coating protection 3. Circuit board conformal (angle) coating. Medical devices led UV curing by UV glue make medical equipment economic automation assembly easier. Now, advanced UV LED light source system, can cure for a few seconds without solvent UV glue, and dispensing system, the assembly process of the medical device form a consistent and repeated bonding of a kind of effective and economic method. The optimization and control of UV light source is very important for the manufacture of reliable medical devices. The use of UV curing glue to provide a lot of advantages, such as lower energy needs, saving time and location of the curing time, improve productivity, easier to automate. UV glue is generally used for bonding and sealing medical devices, which require very high quality and reliability.
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