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features and application of uv led line curing system


uv led line curing system through a specially designed optical lens group output a narrow ultraviolet band, sealing, printing and other areas of production have to use it. Line light source has a long life, cold light source, no heat radiation, life is not affected by the number of opening and closing times, irradiation to improve production efficiency, no toxic substances, more secure than the traditional light source, more environmentally friendly.
1: cold light source, no heat radiation, especially suitable for the liquid crystal sealing film printing requirements heating area of small.
2: small size - so that the equipment can be easily integrated into the automatic production line and equipment.
3: UV curing does not use toxic substances, nor will produce ozone, is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional light source.
4: instantly lit, instantly reach 100% power output, the intensity of the radiation can reach cm2. 6000mW/
1, arts and crafts spray curing;
2, high-grade furniture UV paint curing
3, printing anti-counterfeiting detection;
4, TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel irrigation crystal mouth package, touch screen water adhesive bonding side curing, the old curing.
5, micro electronics, liquid crystal, PCB, optical communication, optical and other linear light curing;


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