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Nazdar UV ink for UV LED

Nazdar has made UV LED series ink for uv led cuirng system

LED curing is “less energy-intensive” than mercury because lamps “need less power to run [and] much less warm-up and cool-down time”; are cooler in temperature; do not produce ozone; can be “plugged into standard electrical sockets”; and can “last significantly longer than mercury lamps”. Nazdar’s inks are designed for digital, screen and narrow web printers, and are colour-matched and “plug-and-play”, with “no flushing or other downtime”.

The 260 series of inks are “ideal for POS applications” on vinyl banners, styrene and other surfaces “thanks to excellent adhesion, flexibility and chipping resistance”. In turn, the 2600, 2300, 2400 and UV-LED Air Texture Clear inks are also available for LED-curing printers, while Nazdar said that it is “also happy to work alongside OEM manufacturers who are developing LED-equipped printing systems”.

Nazdar 260 Series UV Inkjet Ink is designed for UV LED inkjet printer. But how could we choose  uv led curing equipment to match it. Here is the secret.


In the curing parameters, it mention that Nazdar 260 series can be cured by 395 nm uv light. UV intensity is at least 2w/cm². 2w/cm² is not a exact data for customer, because it do not mention uv led lamp size and printing speed. So you need advise from uv led curing system manufacture when you want to install uv led lamp to it.

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