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UV LED curing is coming

Just a few years ago, UV LED curing technology was not a viable solution for most package printers and converters. Though the technology was purported to offer several benefits, including increased uptime, the ability to cure dense colors and substantial energy savings, LED compatible ink had not yet broken onto the scene.

Now that LED ink availability is of minimal concern, more converters are looking into adding this breakthrough curing method. But before switching out traditional UV arc lamps for LED, converters should be aware of exactly what to expect when making the change, and whether LED is right for them.

Once the decision is made to make the LED change, a converter is generally faced with three options. He or she can either completely retrofit an existing press with LED curing, only changeover part of the press to LED or opt for a new LED-outfitted press altogether.

Jennings explains that when a converter opts for a retrofit, the air dryers or traditional UV cassettes can be removed along with the air exhaust manifold and be replaced by the LED light source. The converter will also receive a new user interface touchscreen to be mounted on the press.

If a customer is not ready to commit to a full retrofit, Jennings says Phoseon can install LED in some portions of the press, also leaving the traditional UV system intact to serve as a comfort or failsafe for a converter who is accustomed to that technology.

Similarly, Metcalf says that AMS offers a two-lamp starter package, which can be inserted on the press in a specific area where UV LED curing could be advantageous.
“[This] is a way we’ve seen quite a few converters start the process with us,” he says. “We’ll typically put those units on a white and on a black, where they’re potentially having the biggest trouble curing.”


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