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365nm 385nm 395 nm, which is better

UV adhesive can be cured by UV light, but UV light is from 300 nm to 450 nm. Only UVA and UVV is useful to cure uv adhesive.

UVA: 320 nm to 390 nm,

UVB: 280 nm to 320 nm,

UVC: 260 nm to 280 nm,

UVV: 390 nm to 450 nm.

UVA2: 380 nm to 420 nm.

Usually UVA is used to cure UV glue, UVV is used to cure UV ink. When customer want to replace traditional uv mercuty lamp to UV LED lamp,

which wavelength is better? this will be a big problem if you do not have test equipment.

Get more details, click: Different wavelength to cure UV adhesive



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