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UV ink curing system

Air Motion Systems, Inc. announces the first look at its PEAK LED-UV product series at PRINT 09, an all-new high power LED-based UV curing technology slated for general availability in the digital, offset and flexographic industry segments immediately following the show.

The patent-pending PEAK LED-UV design from AMS is built around a high brightness chip platform that achieves at least twice the radiant power available from recent-generation UV LEDs, and operates at just 20% of the electricity required of a conventional mercury arc lamp.

The PEAK LED-UV technology from AMS represents a revolutionary step forward in the graphic arts industry and the UV curing arena. As a 100% solid-state device, there are no moving parts to maintain in the LED UV module, no heat is emitted from the light source, and at a 20,000+ hour estimated life of the light-emitting diodes, and the system potentially never requires a lamp change.

The PEAK LED-UV architecture is available in an ultra-compact, 3.5-inch (8.9 cm) square module format that produces an intense, uniform band of pure UV along an arc that scales from 3 inches (8 cm) to over 80 inches (2 m) wide. The system, which takes advantage of a patent-pending optical, thermal and interconnect design, will be offered in a package format that simplifies operation, allows interchangeability of modules on a machine and greatly eases integration with current and future machine designs.

The first production PEAK LED-UV units will be available for delivery immediately following the show. AMS (booth 3053) will offer demonstrations of the technology at PRINT 09 in Chicago.

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