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Screen printing in commercial advertising will have more market
Chinese consumer brand awareness gradually strengthened, some big companies, particularly electric company, tobacco company to his own image, in the image of propaganda attaches great importance to the advertising effect. Advertising time and quality to a certain extent, to determine the company's share of the market. Therefore, all kinds of electrical advertising, packaging advertising, outdoor advertising, solid advertising, commercial advertising to screen printing provided a broad space.
In the commercial competition, large outdoor advertising has been taken seriously, because of the wide field of outdoor advertising, the effect is good. Therefore, China's screen printing large color outdoor advertising is also with the development of commercial advertising, the growing volume of large. Cheap, bright color, long shelf life, fast delivery and other advantages, is more and more large and medium cities in the planning department, the advertising management department, to attract a lot of advertisers. Such as a street walking in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming and other cities, especially Beijing's subway tunnels, screen printing large format color advertising colorful, everywhere is visible. It is no wonder that in recent years, large format color screen printing machines and related equipment in our country in short supply.
China screen printing business advertising potential market is huge, the next 10 years, the network will continue to maintain a high speed development of commercial advertising.
Two, UV screen printing in the packaging market is thriving
In the past few years, screen printing in the packaging industry has occupied a certain market. Many offset printing factory use screen printing ink layer thickness, strong coverage, printing materials, etc.. On the basis of the original equipment to add network printing equipment, to play the two advantages of offset printing and screen printing, packaging and printing, but also to promote the development of the packaging industry.
According to data shows that the rapid development of the Asian packaging market, and in many Asian countries, especially in China's most rapid growth in the packaging industry, since 1990, the annual growth rate of 20% - 30%. At this rate, in 2000 China's GDP is expected to reach 270 billion package of $28 billion. Without a doubt, the development and application of screen printing technology, better service to packaging and pretend to understand industry, is installed in packaging industry more prosperous year contribution at the same time, but also for screen printing scraping industry to bring the broader market.
As printed high-end packaging boxes, packaging bottles, pharyngeal bags, wine bags. In particular, UV LED packaging and products outside decoration, as well as the flow of goods to the market, in front of customers. If we will be the shell of large electrical products with screen printing process printed on the gorgeous screen, these large shell decorative products, regardless of the mall, will be favored by customers. To play the promotional effect of packaging advertising can not be replaced. Screen printing in this area has a huge advantage and potential, but people have not yet found the value of its development. Development of this project will undoubtedly have a brilliant future.
Using four-color screen printing and color printing super large packaging and product shell is very easy thing, the forward development of large color screen printing, is a super large color carton packaging and large electrical appliances product shell decoration color image, products increased bright colors, developed the project with dazzling brilliant prospects.
Three, electronic products, network printing is still an absolute advantage
In the electronic industry, the screen printing technology has a high rate of 90%. Such as the production of a TV, with a lot of UV screen printing curing technology, such as switches, operating disk, display, image preservation, printed circuit boards are separated from the screen printing. Can be said that there is no screen printing on the TV, there is no electrical products, it can be said that if there is no screen printing technology, aviation, navigation, aerospace industry will not be developed. The liquid crystal display represents the future trend of super large and super thin wall mounted TV sets, must also be used in screen printing. The importance of screen printing is therefore evident.
Screen printing integrated circuit referred to as IC, is a very small size and light weight of the circuit. So-called integration refers to in the size of the chip can be made of the number of transistors, now 16 Mbit, 64 Mbit has been resolved, the ioo Mbit soon to commercialization. In recent years, the United States, Japan, Britain and other countries in the development of the sixth generation computer by computer, it will be the same as the human brain with thinking, analysis, judgment, and fuzzy information processing and other functions. With the computer technology is the application of IC printing film thickness screen manufacturing. The conductor, the electrode, the dielectric body, the resistance body, and the protective layer are all made by silk screen printing process. We can say that UVLED screen printing technology is not only a high-tech content of the technology, but also the production of screen printing products directly to the high-tech services.

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