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How to cure loctite uv glue

UV Light Curing Adhesives

UV curing adhesives (or light curing adhesives) have been used for many years in various industrial processes, for example, adhesives in the medical industry, due to their excellent properties. Due to its high transparency and exceptional stability, UV curing adhesive (or light curing adhesive) is particularly useful as a glass adhesive (glass to metal, glass to glass), and is suitable for the production of glassware, glass furniture and acrylic glass. It is also suited for products in the optical industry & in medical technology like medical devices bonding, even in difficult environmental conditions such as high humidity & sunlight. Loctite provides UV curing adhesives with medical clearance especially for this purpose. 

UV Light Curing adhesives for Medical Devices Bonding
Light cure technology considered to be the fastest growing adhesive category selected by medical device manufacturers worldwide. With its rapid cure and wide product offering, there is a category and product to suit most medical device bonding.
Loctite® offers a spectrum of high-performance, UV light curing medical device adhesives, specifically developed for the applications of medical device bonding. These UV light adhesives meet ISO-10993 biocompatibility requirements, the same test standard used in the licensing of medical devices.


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