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offset LED UV ink

The UV ink is designed to cure instantaneously through a photochemical reaction by means of UV energy, thereby showing a higher productivity than oil-based ink with natural drying characteristics, and this ink is also of the environment-conscious type (no VOC is contained). Due to these characteristics, the printing utilizing the UV ink has been broadly employed mainly for package printing for which many processing stages are required and therefore rigorous physical properties come into play. Recently, the high productivity and highly value-added property of the UV printing are drawing attention also in the field of general printing.

When using the LED-UV printing system, a reduction of 70 to 80% of electricity consumption can be expected as compared with the printing system using a conventional UV lamp. Also, partial lighting can be adopted easily, accommodating different paper sizes. So, these characteristics contribute to a reduction in environmental impact. Furthermore, there are various advantages: the lamp serves for a prolonged period of time, more than 10 times longer than before; improved productivity can be expected since the on/off operation is simple to do; there is no formation of ozone; and no thermal deformation occurs in printed matters. 


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