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In recent years, the rapid development of UV curable  coatings is also one of the main directions of the light curing coatings in the future. The advantages of UV LED area light source water paint is able to use of high molecular weight oligomers to improve adhesion of certain substrates, and other physical properties of the cured film progress, rather than the traditional UV coating oligomer molecular weight by construction viscosity limit; viscosity of water available to recuperate, instead of using diluent monomer, so it can be prevented by reactive monomer dilution caused by shrinkage; can get thin coating in this way, the equipment and easy cleaning; water after drying in the irradiation before they can get the coating dry to touch, it can be used for 3D object appearance before the radiation curing coating, dry to touch the reduced dust adsorption, and before curing of the coating defect repair stop. The defect of this technique is that it must be dehydrated before curing, low gloss, poor solvent resistance and poor scratch resistance. In fact the base system is not appropriate in all areas and the base system is not real is harmless to the environment, due to the cleaning of water-based ink or coating. It can dissolved or dispersed in water, it is difficult to remove, and the compounds, such as acrylic on fish and other aquatic organisms is very harmful.
UV LED curing system paint is conducive to environmental protection, and has the characteristics of fast curing rate, fit the time to carry out the request. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, Hoechst, UCB, ICI, Zeneca, BASF and other companies have launched their UV light curing waterborne coatings products. The technology for lack of mainly includes: coating dispersions of long-term stability needs to be improved, to choose light triggered agents are not, mostly follow the traditional optical initiator, a pigmented coating, have less choice, additional boring in water by the installation of the technology popularization and application have an adverse effect. Therefore, continue to expand the foundation of research, swagger anti short, and vigorously expand its scope of application is still ongoing water light curing technology to meet the urgent needs. Foreign scientists using cation electro stacking method developed a with special properties of waterborne polyurethane coatings, this method can greatly shorten the time coating water steamed out, a good deal with the defect of the water-based coating the consumption process takes too long.

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