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UV ink advantages

Now the market with the UV light source and UV ink is more and more widely used, UV light source is required, UV graphite is also growing, more and more use amount of wide, and now the enterprise both in combination with results is very superior, reflects the superior performance of many, but in how to match is really a big problem, the problem is to make a great breakthrough.
The first UV light source is a device for emitting UV light in the UV curing system, which is usually composed of a lamp box, a lamp tube, a mirror, a power supply, a controller and a cooling device. According to the material filled in the lamp tube is different, can be divided into metal halogen lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp and lamp of bromine free. Now a solid UV curing light source is also known as UVLED light source. UVLED light source for the cold light source so there is no heat radiation, known as the twenty-first Century special light source. The performance parameters of the UV light source are: arc length, spectrum, power, voltage, current and average life. UV light source radiation in a band, but the different UV light source is not the same band range, and the distribution of spectral energy in the band is also different. The energy distribution of the light in the wavelength of 300 ~ 310nm and 360 ~ 390nm was better. To avoid the deinking problem the first thing to note, UV light source and UV ink, in the choice of UV graphite should be selected high quality materials, followed by the source of energy to the rational selection, to be able to release the maximum energy.
Secondly UV ink is a kind of environmentally friendly ink, it is not containing VOC, in case of solvents or water will not change its color reproduction and printing. In the process of printing, UV ink color stability and viscosity stability is better, once in the printing before the UV curable ink adjustment, the adjustment of the printing machine on the workload is very small, also do not need to add other additives. Stop printing, ink rollers will not dry crust. The solidified UV ink layer has high wear resistance and chemical stability, at the same time, it also has a high hiding power and gloss.
UV curing machine and UV ink matching is to make the UV ink in the light of the initiator to select the absorption of light is the highest energy distribution in the spectrum of UV curing system that part of the. In use, we need to grasp the technical information about the spectral characteristics of UV light source, and the response curve of ink formulation, so that the matching problem can be solved well.
Comprehensive performance advantages and disadvantages of the above reflect on our sources in the UV and UV ink selection and have a certain understanding, at present, the technology still needs to be strengthened to break their market is very huge, but also very promising.

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