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Medical application

UV glue to make the medical equipment economic automation assembly easier.
Now, the LED-UV light source system, can be a few seconds without solvent UV curing glue, and dispensing systems, the medical device assembly process method of forming an adhesive consistent and repeatability of an effective and economical.
The optimization and control of UV light source is very important for the manufacture of reliable medical devices. The use of UV UV curing glue provides a lot of advantages, such as lower energy needs, save time and location of the curing time, improve productivity, easier to automate.
UV glue is generally used for bonding and sealing medical devices, which require very high quality and reliability.
UV glue curing typical applications in medical device assembly, such as the need for bonding
(2) different materials (or mechanical properties are not the same) 1) the material is not thick enough, can not use the welding method 3..
1 anesthesia mask 2 syringe 3 liquid guide tube
4 vein infusion tube 5 blood vessel implant fitting
6 endoscopic 7 artery positioning
8 tubular drainage device 9 pipe line
10 blood oxygenation device 11 hearing aid
12 detection, monitoring, and image device 13 bio chip
14 PVC (polycarbonate plastic thermal bonding, and according to ABS)
--UV LED light curing applications in optical industry
1 optical components assembly (lens group, prism, optical engine assembly)
2 image instrument assembly (microscope, endoscope, infrared instrument, night vision instrument, probe, etc.)
Application of UV LED cold light source in optical communication industry
1 passive devices (WDM WDM array waveguide grating AWG, SPLITTER optical splitter, optical isolator ISOLATOR, optical coupler COUPLOR etc.), all kinds of glass packaging structure adhesive or sealing, small components fixed etc..
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