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Furniture UV coating system

UV curing machine refers to the UV curing machine, its principle is UV UV curing, which referred to here is not the light of the sun, ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet lamp irradiation UVLED but by UV produced by this technology in the industry is often referred to as UV, is the abbreviation of Rays Ultraviolet UV English. The ultraviolet.
UV LED curing machine used in the furniture industry is the advantage of environmental protection, can not be long-term preservation of decay, as well as the preservation of color. Usually we can do such an experiment: suppose a wooden table appearance is ordinary spray paint, we use a finger nail scratch scratch, will appear, so the appearance of furniture is not beautiful. But if we use UV to spray paint, and then processed curing UV light curing machine, it will not appear the scratch of the situation, the answer is of course not, it can not only make the furniture to avoid scratching, and will not affect the furniture color, even if it is over two hundred years, is still the same color. UV light curing machine plays an important role in the field of high-end furniture application.
UV paint - the current most environmentally friendly paint. It is different from ordinary furniture companies commonly used PU paint, PE paint and NC paint, is a real green paint, does not contain any volatile substances, the use of UV paint production of green, health, environmental protection.
The UV light curing machine with UV paint the perfect collocation UV board production, not only high hardness, good abrasion resistance, good transparency, and is resistant to scratching, friction resistance, withstand the test of time; mechanical equipment to overcome the human factors in manual operation, the product difference is small, the quality is stable; the production process the harmful substances in the plates, decomposition, and through the LED UV curing machine drying processing, products of environmental health.
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