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offset UV LED curing system

UV printing product has traditional offset printing on the surface texture, protection, wear resistance and production efficiency of incomparable advantages, especially for the printing of plastic sheet, gold and silver cardboard and other non absorbent material. These advantages make the printing enterprises in the application of UV offset printing technology stand out from the competition. But UV offset printing process is more complex, how to deal with the problem of UV offset printing process, the plan to adopt UV offset printing enterprises should be how to prepare?
UV offset problem solving
To make UV offset better play a role, the main issues to be addressed are the following.
1 adhesion
Because the permeability of plastic sheet or gold and silver cardboard substrate is poor, adsorption capacity of ink is very weak, so even if the use of UV printing ink, ink adhesion is poor, the printing quality is not high. Can be solved by surface treatment of materials.
2 design plate making
The design of UV printing must be based on the work order to determine the output format, such as the membrane surface is sweeping or anti sweep, the output line number, line angle, etc.. Some special requirements higher, such as 3D printing resolution to be high, the line angle must be matched with the substrate materials, to avoid the impact of net; transparent plastic sheets and
Aluminized paper frequently reprinted white ink, printing materials should pay attention to the impact of the expansion, in advance by correcting the film in order to achieve the best quality.
3 degree of cure
In order to improve printing color saturation, in the plastic sheet and other substrate surface UV printing, printing pressure, ink layer thickness, dot gain serious, which makes the ink is not easy to cure. In order to ensure the printing quality, printing pressure can not do a lot of adjustment. The solution is to first reduce the printing speed, the UV light irradiation time lengthened properly, make the ink completely cured; second is adjusted between UV lamp and substrate distance increasing, UV LED light intensity, so that the ink curing. The effective wavelength range of UV light curing is 200 ~ 400nm, the wavelength of some light sources in the printing shop is also in this range, it will lead to slight curing of the surface of the ink, so we should pay attention to the influence of ambient light on the ink.
4 ink emulsification
UV ink ink balance of tolerance is very narrow, easy to cause the printing ink emulsion, dirty version, the impact of printing quality.
Solution: reduce the printing speed, the printing speed control in 5000 ~ 8000 printing / hour.
5 color sequence arrangement
UV offset printing color sequence arrangement problem is more complicated. Because of the limit of the principle of ink, ink layer substrate is thinner, when ink layer thick, printing is difficult to achieve the desired effect of replication. For example, four-color overprint, usually used for printing color sequence of black, cyan, magenta, yellow, black because almost fills all space, green, magenta, yellow ink with lower overall ink quantity is not enough, it will cause the color is not full. Solution: change the color sequence, first a small amount of printing ink color ink, finally a large amount of black, so you can let the inking reach the highest, more full of color.
6 printing sets
UV printing using UV LED curing light irradiation ink curing, curing of the main problem is the substrate thermal expansion, resulting in misregister. This is in contradiction with the UV ink curing, because the ink curing requires UV lamp irradiation time is a little longer, and the printed set of guidelines requires UV lamp illumination time is shorter. Solution: after the end of the same color finish UV curing, this time even if the substrate expansion, by placing a period of time to reduce the temperature, but also to minimize the deformation of the substrate. Under special circumstances, the intermediate color group can also open UV lamp, but the shorter the time, the better. Or can adopt UV LED technology.
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