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UV LED technology development

With the improvement of people's life, the lighting design concept has been paid more and more attention of the public, whether commercial lighting or lighting Home Furnishing, started to lighting modeling, luminous flux, the installation position is quite exquisite, such as "low carbon lighting" and "green lighting", "space lighting" concept is gradually popular in consumption concept.
With the implementation of the national "ban white" policy, the gradual withdrawal of the consumer market, LED UV curing technology began to enter a new era of energy saving. Solid state light source UV dryer is a new concept, with its energy, environmental protection, long life, no UV, no stroboscopic, strong controllability and other advantages, become a star in the new era of lighting products. And all of these, for LED lighting manufacturers, design institutes, engineering services, lighting design services, etc., means a huge market prospects and business opportunities.
How to treat and deal with the commercial lighting innovation trend brought about by the business opportunities. In an interview with reporters, experts said: as the UV curing shangzhao with optical design at present, part of an important part of the lighting design, it is also the first consumer demand in the local lighting design services. With increasing policy support and market demand for UV LED light industry, as LED lighting company, should be positive to the consumer oriented market, UV light curing lighting products R & D and production of market demand, to meet the consumption needs of the brand at the same time, to enhance consumer satisfaction.
In the interview, Luo total for example, the production company 0.6M LED T8 lamp series model is for the exhibition, light box, backlighting hospital, business center, restaurants, shopping malls and other commercial lighting needs to design 0.6M LED T8 series lamps using high-quality aluminum, with excellent cooling effect of preparation, long service life, luminous maintenance rate is high, also because it does not contain mercury, lead and other harmful substances, in the use of more energy saving and environmental protection.
For the application of lighting products in the commercial level, there are a lot of use. With the advantages of UVLED lighting energy saving and environmental protection functions such as consumer awareness popularization, present in many shopping malls, construction, public works and many other places of business office lighting needs, downlights and spotlights, LED lamp, LED soft light, LED ball bulb and other LED UV products are widely used, he said, I believe that in the near future the future of lighting products UV light will soon gradually spread to the commercial and residential markets, has become the mainstream products in the lighting market.
UV point light source industry as a strategic emerging industry in China, has been in a stage of rapid development, the current point of view, it is the key stage of cultivation and development. Safe and steady development, growth and technological innovation and policy guidance are indispensable in promoting factors, we expect in the near future, are a series of UV lights in different areas will be shining.

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