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Why is UV LED long-life?

Want to know the cause of the UV LED light source life. That has to be from the UV LED line light source light emitting principle of. UVLED (Emitting Diode Light), that is, light emitting diode. Semi conducting solid light emitting device. The solid semiconductor chip is used as the light emitting material. When the two ends are coupled with positive voltage, red, yellow, green, green, orange, purple and white light are emitted directly. Changeable Magic: UV LED line curign system using LED through short time is short and the red, green and blue three color principle, change color and pattern in the implementation of computer technology under the control of a dynamic light source can control "".
The luminescence mechanism of incandescent lamp is electricity heating and light will shine tungsten, after heating for a long time, tungsten will aging or burn out, so far, the incandescent light bulb life ended, and the luminescence mechanism of light emitting diode is decided by the special structure of the diode, diode chip, mainly by the PN junction the electrode and an optical system, when coupled with the forward bias voltage on the electrode, were injected into the P region and N region of the electrons and holes, when non equilibrium minority carriers and majority carrier compound, will form the excess radiation photon energy into UV light. The luminescence process includes three parts: carrier injection, composite radiation and light energy transfer under forward bias. This shows that the diode is mainly rely on the continuous movement of the carrier, there is no aging and burn off phenomenon, its special luminescence mechanism determines its luminescence lifetime of up to 5-10 million hours.
Now the LED UV spot light than before, the power is also much higher, the service life is also a lot of times, and 3 to 5 years without any supplies, which is a few of the biggest advantage, which is compared to the traditional. At the same time there are the following advantages:
1, can be customized effective radiation area, length from 20mm to 1000mm.
2, does not contain mercury, will not produce ozone, is an alternative to the traditional light source technology, a safer, more environmentally friendly choice.
3, low energy consumption, power consumption is only 10% of the traditional mercury type curing machine, can save 90% of electricity.
4, maintenance costs are almost zero, the use of UV LED curing equipment at least 10000 yuan per year to save yuan / unit of the cost of supplies.
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