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UV printing future

UV LED curing system applications including applications in display, medical electronics, instrumentation and other industries UV adhesive curing; building materials, furniture, household appliances, automotive and other industries curing; UV ink printing, packaging and other industries...... The UV LED panel industry has become a hot topic, the biggest advantage is can produce environmental protection plate zero formaldehyde, and 90% energy saving, high yield, resistance to the coin scraping, comprehensive economic benefit etc.
Application of organic waste gas treatment in textile industry
According to reports, China's textile industry VOCs emissions accounted for about 30% of total industrial VOCs emissions, VOCs is one of the precursors of the formation of fog, is an important component of the formation of PM2.5. Photocatalytic oxidation treatment of VOCs with UV LED as photocatalyst has advantages of small volume, high catalytic activity, stable chemical property, low cost, no toxicity and so on.
What will happen in the future?
In 2012, the number of sales of traditional UV lamp can reach 33.2M, turnover reached $495.4M, UVLED from $45M in 2011 will be rapid growth in 2017 to $270M, during UV LED ($M) market will grow 6 times, while ultraviolet low pressure mercury lamp the growth of only 1.6 times.
The cure market is the only one of the full range and the full cycle of the application of the product market.
Low pressure mercury lamp market UVA LED will quickly replace 50% of the actual capacity of the UV market (Total$460M), UVLED (Total$60M, UVALED) actual capacity of real capacity (Total$52M). UVLED in the low-end market by UVA (a fairly stable to maintain the growth of 40% of the annual) led, UVALED wide wavelength selectivity will dominate the curing market, while the current market share is small. Should focus on the development of UV LED curing machine market, single point of curing UVLED equipment will occupy more than 5 of the market share in the next 95% years.

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