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UV LED lamp advantages

There are many advantages to using UV LED lamps. These can be split into economical and environmental advantages.

1:Economic/Productivity/Expanded Capability Advantages: • Press UPTIME – less equipment faults, presses run longer and without lamp faults, higher certainty of cure with inks from process.

• Faster cure/higher productivity – better UV curing allows for faster speeds and more combination printing.

• Energy Efficient – UV LED lamps require ~ 50% less energy thereby saving money.

• Long Lifetime & Low Maintenance – UV LED lamps last over 20,000 – 50,000 hours of run time as compared to a mercury lamp running ~2,000 hours total time; less labor/ maintenance.

• Solid State: Instant on/off – there is no waiting for lamps to heat up or cool down saving valuable press time.

• Expand the capability of the press by running heat sensitive/ thin films on a press without heat management. A LED lamp does not have infrared and thus does not create heat as mercury lamps do.

• UV LED lamps are very compact and flexible and can easily be adapted to any press platform.

• UV LED systems are smaller and don’t require large blowers to move air, etc and thus take up less space in production area making room for more equipment.

2:Environmental & Safety Advantages: • Removes toxic mercury from the process and thus no need to deal with hazard waste disposal of lamps.

• Removes ozone generation since there is no UV-C light output from lamp – ozone is a respiratory hazard and pollutant.

• Lamps are not hot to touch and thus are safer.

• Systems are much quieter, less noise pollution.

• Safer cleaning and maintenance (very little required) and thus less risk of injury.

• The bright blue light emitted from the UV LED lamps is not recommended to look at, but unlike standard mercury light it will NOT cause permanent eye damage.

Note – we still recommend use of safety glasses that filter UV light.

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