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Practical Application of UV-LED Curing Technology to UV Inkjet or PCB solder

UV-LED curing systems have started to play a larger role in many UV curing applications - including wide format and single pass UV inkjet 鈥 and their application and adoption will likely continue to accelerate over the next several years.Adoption is increasing based on the wider availability of suitable UV-LED inkjet ink formulations. The inherent advantages of UV-LED technology - in terms of lifetime, consistency of output, instant on/off and lower heat production, as well as the possibility for systems that are smaller and more robust when compared to existing traditional lamp solution - makes it particularly attractive for UV Inkjet applications.Just like all new technologies there are important differences, distinctions and choices that must be made if a successful implementation is to be achieved. UV-LED curing systems are not the same as traditional mercury vapor lamp systems and the issues of required irradiance/power output, measurement of irradiance/power and understanding of the effects and availability of wavelengths available today in UV-LED are key in making appropriate decisions about the suitability of the technology. These and other system level considerations will be discussed and the paper will outline several successful implementations of UV-LED for inkjet that are currently in the public domain.The paper will also outline the challenges and will share some data and insight into the practical application and efficacy of newer generation UV-LED systems when applied to optimized inks sets for UV Inkjet applications.


In recent years,the development of the UV-LED,bring revolutionary changes in the field of PCB exposure.It is energy efficient and has constant light intensity,good temperature control,and almost zero maintenance cost.It promotes UV-LED surface light source replacing the traditional exposure lamp and becomes a trend.In accordance with the characteristics of the ultraviolet light source for PCB solder mask exposure process,this paper discusses not only the related technologies to overcome the difficulties in the promotion and application,but also provided solutions through experimental data,analysis of the factors of impact on the uniformity,the time and the resolution of UV-LED surface light source exposure.Using scanning mixed-wavelength UV-LED surface light source exposure mode,the practice shows that it is energy efficient,and the light intensity distribution is uniform and stable,is able to fully meet the requirements of the indicators of the anti-welds exposure process,and the maneuverability is strong,and it will play a catalytic role in the PCB exposure process for quality improvement and energy conservation.

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