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uv led ink curing process

Feature depends on curing light. cured UV ink have some physical characteristics, four color printing ink and color ink, are decided by the design of curing equipment and curing process.
      UV curing exposure equipment and regulation of the main variables affecting the curing effect.These variables include the intensity of UV light, UV spectrum, UV light and infrared radiation energy.The effect of UV light and the physical properties of UV ink, the mutual influence between them, such as spectral absorption, optical thickness and dispersion is limited in the curing process.Specifically, due to the incorrect operation, curing cost after curing UV ink layer the main physical properties, such as adhesion.Solvent resistance and resistance to score.The UV curing characteristics of the light source to match the physical properties of the UV curing ink will make UV ink curing process is more stable, more effective.
      UV curing process is as important as the preparation of the UV ink, each of the variables in the UV curing process to conform to the requirements of the curing, the curing requirement is determined according to physical properties of the cured UV ink.
the UV curing process involves four controllable variables: 1, UV radiation intensity;2, the UV light wavelengths range;3, exposure time (or curing speed);4, infrared light intensity (or surface temperature).


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