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uv led curing system for printing

UVLED digital printing can replace traditional screen printing
UVLED digital printing printing speed and the advantages of mass production also become a bright spot, has been accepted by more and more customers.However, for a long time, screen printing has its place in the commercial printing market, still has the advantages of long running and print color.Let's compare the silk screen printing UVLED with respective advantages.
Silk screen printing advantages
Screen printing is arguably the most versatile of all the printing process, it can be used to print all kinds of base material, including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, fabric, and many other materials.From some common products include screen printing industry, posters, labels, stickers, signs and all kinds of textiles and electronics circuit board is not hard to see, the advantages of screen printing process can be in any shape, thickness and size of the print on the material, and the other main advantage is in addition to its durability and printing fastness, it is the cheapest in the mass production of a printing method.
Large-format UVLED digital printing machine
UVLED digital printing has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, but also can directly to print various hard medium directly, thanks in large part to reduce waste, simplify the printing process, also greatly improve the printing costs of recycling opportunities.This year, the printing market in a big wide UVLED digital printing technology yes least in wide digital printing industry, but also is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing new technology.Because of UVLED ink curing only need uv curing light source, it also makes UVLED digital printer to print speed was improved.
As to how long after, silk screen printing will be out of date, this is unknown.But in our country, UVLED digital printing machine has replaced silk screen printing in many industrial applications.Therefore, we can conclude that UVLED digital printing machine of the new print trend has begun, and should choose what kind of printing technology requires the client in person, see which way is more suitable for your business needs

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