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uv led ink curing system

UVLED ink curing
UVLED ink as a new type of environmentally friendly printing material, have other solvent ink can not be replaced by the excellent performance, has been widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other packaging and printing of various kinds of products.
The characteristics of UVLED ink
1. UVLED compared with the traditional ink, ink in use has some prominent advantages: UVLED instantaneous curing ink, do not need to spray, can print into heaps packaging printing, immediately enter after processing, do not need to worry about sticky dirty on the back, obviously improves the production efficiency;
2. Use UVLED does not use solvent ink printing machine, curing without discharge pollutants, won't release volatile organic compounds, can improve the operating environment, to prevent air pollution, environmentally friendly;
3. In the absence of ultraviolet irradiation, UVLED ink won't cure, so keeping relatively simple cosmetics packaging, and UVLED ink photopolymerization reaction is not the same as traditional ink volatile drying, curing ink film 100%, without any solvent evaporation or class of pollutants, and film hardness is higher than other ink ink film hardness, suitable for printing ink layer to demand higher hardness;
4. High UVLED ink print gloss packaging printing, has the very good frictional resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance, etc;Wide UVLED of printing ink, in the absorbent material (such as metal, foil) on printing is more convenient, and can be printed on the heat sensitive materials such as heat shrinkable film.
The classification and application of UVLED ink
1. UVLED offset printing ink: UVLED offset printing ink does not contain volatile organic solvents, small pollution, curing speed, energy saving, etc, can adapt to a variety of packaging material printing, such as paper, aluminum foil, plastic, etc.LJV light printing and offset printing ink, therefore, has been widely used in cigarettes, liquor, medicine, beverages, and other products packaging.
2. UVLED flexo ink: UVLED flexo printing ink can be absorbed/non absorbent, calm/rough surface of substrate, substrate surface printing thin/thick substrate surface.It has a good printing eligibility, low cost, energy conservation, environmental protection, has become a member of the family of a new generation of green ink.UVLED flexo printing ink has been processed, cartons, labels, and customer recognition in the field of corrugated boxes and other packaging and printing.
3. UVLED screen printing ink: UVLED screen printing ink is in today's rapidly developing and design a kind of environmental printing ink, has the characteristics of energy saving, non-toxic.Suitable for outdoor large advertising printing, cigarette packs, wine boxes, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging printing, etc.Using UVLED screen printing ink printing printing quality quality, stereo sense is strong, its application scope has expanded to all kinds of high-grade gift boxes of green packaging and printing field.
4. Water-based ink UVLED: this kind of one-component uv curing inks, ink contains a large number of moisture, moisture evaporates after curing, ink film thinning, ink film after curing, good rheological property, friction resistance, high definition, bright color.Early emergence of water-based ink UVLED not only solves the common UVLED ink cannot be used in gravure and flexo difficult problem, but also suitable for screen printing is used, is UVLED printing ink is safe and new environmental printing ink can ensure the quality of products.

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