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uv led glue curing machine



UVLED curing machine as a new type of curing equipment, with its efficient environmental protection, safety, etc, it has been widely used in UV curing glue; about UV mercury lamp, because its appear earlier, has certain customer base, and if the replacement of mercury lamp production line requires a certain time, so some customers still using mercury lamp for glue curing. 
UVLED and mercury lamp which good
About UVLED curing equipment and UV mercury lamp , I believe you also have seen a lot of explanation , in the us to sort out the following main difference:
1, the service life
Traditional mercury lamp used to 1000-3000 hours, must replace the lamp  bulb, service life is not long, operation and trouble.UVLED curing equipment service life generally for 30 to 40 times the mercury lamp (AVENTK UVLED curing equipment is up to 20000 hours), and don't need to replace the lamp bead.
2, the operation is convenient
Traditional mercury lamp need a long time to warm up before use, to achieve curing heat as needed.UVLED curing equipment can open or close, namely instantaneous to set power, greatly improve production efficiency, more quick and easy operation.
3, the thermal radiation (UVLED curing machine)
UVLED curing equipment light source is from pure ultraviolet band, without infrared wavelengths, no thermal radiation.And light source temperature is low, will not damage to curing products by high temperature.Traditional mercury lamp is not pure ultraviolet band, doped with a large number of infrared wave band, so that the product surface temperature 60-90 ° C, make the product positioning is shifted, produce a lot of bad product.
UVLED curing way suitable plastic substrate, adhesive lens and electronic products, such as fiber optic cable heat sensitive, ink printing, high-precision bonding process requirement.  
4, irradiation intensity
UVLED curing equipment using high power LED chips and special optical design, can make the uv light to reach high precision, high strength, light, it adopts the latest optical technology and manufacturing process, to achieve the higher than traditional way mercury lamp light more optimized output intensity and uniformity, is almost twice as many traditional way mercury lamp light luminosity.
This allows the UV adhesive curing speed faster, greatly improved the production efficiency.
5, environmental fridendly
Traditional mercury lamp, mercury lamp light way the bulb contains mercury, because often need to change the bulb, it is good to produce large amounts of waste, for these scrap processing, transportation is very troublesome, improper handling can cause serious pollution to environment.
UVLED using semiconductor light curing equipment, no damage to the environment factors.Thus more environmentally friendly.    
6. low energy consumption
UVLED relatively mercury lamp method curing equipment effectively and high luminous efficiency more than 10 times, but on or off, only light when electricity, standby power consumption to almost zero.Mercury lamp whether or not to illuminate, effectively requires continuous work lamps, electric power has been in a state of consumption.And only exposure to UVLED only when battery charge, when the standby power consumption is almost zero.

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