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The application of UVLED curing system in the film industry


                                                                                                                  The application of UVLED curing system in the film industry

UVLED curing systen  is to use diodes,   the temperature can be neglected, the film is suitable for the bottles, medicine bottles, etc on the outer packing is used, because of its very thin.
If heat is too high, thin film reacts to the heated corrugate influence the quality of the product.Such as some curing PET material, such as some car membrane material curing some bag packing box,UVLED curing system  is the best choice.
Current film business mostly use UV high pressure mercury lamp, for mercury lamp with high  temperature could make the membrane is damaged, and power consumption and electricity cost is too high, no guarantee and the high cost of product quality.UVLED curing system is used to reduce the defective rate of the products, power consume 80% less electricity than high pressure mercury lamp.UVLED curing system   would be a best  choice for film industry, and it is also the trend in the furture.


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