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high intensity uv led light curing system

   For most people, uvled light is no stranger. He is more green, more secure, more environmentally friendly image by the majority of people love. Many people may not be very clear about the intensity of the light source. It is based on the scope of application, UV LED light source, generally can be divided into UV LED point light source, UV LED line light source and UV LED surface light source. In terms of light intensity, the three light sources are decreasing.
      UV LED point light source device using LED light way, can choose 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm wavelength of different power LED, corresponding to different UV glue, UV ink, UV varnish, UV paint, etc., at the same time corresponding to different material requirements The Ultraviolet light source, high purity, no heat radiation and deep ultraviolet light, long life, and the use of cable output, you reduce the cost of equipment supplies, UV-LAMP power consumption is low, non-mercury material, is A new energy-saving environmental protection products, so that the product UV curing faster, more efficient, more green, more secure, more environmentally friendly.
     UV LED line light source area was linear, according to the different needs of customers different sizes, mainly used in LCD screen, touch screen edge, UVLED inkjet printing and other fields. Line light source also has UVLED curing machine long life, cold light source, no heat radiation, life without the impact of the number of opening and closing, high energy, uniform irradiation to improve production efficiency, does not contain toxic substances, than the traditional light source savings of 80% d Electricity, safer, more environmentally friendly. As the UVLED light source can be customized according to customer needs, so the application process is highly flexible.
    UV LED surface light source, can be flexible application according to customer needs, it has a soft light, do not hurt the eyes, power, natural light, uniform spot, longer life, stronger lighting and other characteristics, widely used in LCD PCB exposure.
This is provided by the Shenzhen Hite Ned, the buyer can be based on individual needs to choose their own light source needs.
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