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Uvled light curing applications in the mobile phone industry

   Attention to environmental                                                      protection is a common trend                      of social development, in the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and many other countries have adopted legislation to limit VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions of traditional paint use, and gradually use UV coatings and other environmentally friendly new materials to replace the traditional product. On the other hand, because of its fast curing and no need to heat baking and other energy efficient features, is ideal for pipeline operations, the market development of more than 25% annual rate of increase, visible uvled light curing technology has been more and more Applied to the industrialization of large-scale production of goods,Its wide range of applications, for the entire surface coating industry has brought a new revolution, the following is UVLED light curing in 
the mobile phone industry.

Mobile phone from the emergence of UVled light curing technology for a unique advantage to provide a great opportunity to show their talents, the market on a variety of models of mobile phones, are inseparable from the application of UVled light curing technology, in addition to the common mobile phone chassis surface (Camera lens, handset, microphone, shell, liquid crystal mold), mobile phone components, mobile phone components, mobile phone components, Group, touch screen coating, etc.) and other processes should be applied to UV curing technology.


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