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multiple wavelength and intensity of uv led curing system

      UVLED is generally used for UV ink curing, UV glue curing, UV varnish curing, etc., its long life,  high power, no heat radiation, no ozone and other pollution, green, high UV light output and stable uniformity, loss Small and effective, reduce the production cost, high stability, high reliability, simple installation, space saving and other advantages favored by the major companies, many industry insiders have said that UVLED development potential is beyond doubt, the future of the industry The direction will be to go towards UVLED, or will certainly be eliminated. Perhaps the companies are smell the direction of the development of the industry to taste the trend, more and more enterprises began to develop production or agent UVLED products, some do the traditional mercury lamp business, also began to slowly transition. UVLED is very popular, but at the time of purchase must be clear its power wavelength and other aspects of the situation.
1, power: the general business supply UVLED power 10W / 30W / 60W / 120W / 300W / 480W / (it can be customized different power equipment), the energy is equal to the power X time, product curing needs to accumulate a certain amount of energy , The greater the power, the shorter the time required, the faster the work efficiency.
2, wavelength: UVLED wavelength is generally 360 ~ 370nm / 370 ~ 380nm / 380 ~ 390nm / 390 ~ 400nm / 400 ~ 410nm and other optional, and uvled is a single band, the bandwidth is relatively short, unlike the traditional mercury lamp from Deep ultraviolet to light ultraviolet bands are all, but most of the reaction is 365 or 395 the other two bands are mostly wasted, LED can make full use of limited wavelengths. General glue curing with 365nm wavelength can be, the surface treatment is better, the ink curing with a stronger penetration of 395nm wavelength more appropriate.
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