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UVLED light source curing UV glue principle

UV glue, also known as shadowless plastic, no trace of plastic, photosensitive plastic, UV curing adhesive.
Is a one-component UV visible light curing modified propylene structural adhesive.
UV is ULRTAVIOLER RAYS acronym, that is, ultraviolet light. Is a kind of invisible light, is visible outside of a section of electromagnetic radiation, the wavelength of 10-410nm.
UV glue is a kind of adhesive that must be cured by ultraviolet light. It can be used as a reliable adhesive or as a paint, paint, ink, etc.
UV curing method is UV curing material in the photoinitiator (also known as photosensitizer) in the UVLED ultraviolet light irradiation, the absorption of ultraviolet light to produce active radicals and cations, triggering monomer polymerization, crosslinking and branching chemical reaction , So that the adhesive in a few seconds from the liquid into a solid state.
Universal UV glue for a wide range of transparent materials have a strong adhesion, after a number of experiments and a number of customer testing, 10 seconds can be completely cured, curing the tensile test to achieve the effect of breaking material. Curing time is short, after curing high transparency, no trace, resistance to yellowing, environmental protection, flexibility, water, temperature and other characteristics, so that UV customers get the majority of customers agree.
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