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What are the characteristics of UVLED curing machine?

   UVLED curing technology in recent years has been highly concerned about the world, in many applications are gradually using UVLED curing light source to replace the traditional mercury lamp source. UVLED curing light source, through the light-emitting diode light, compared to the traditional UV mercury lamp, more environmentally friendly, efficient and low energy consumption, is really sustainable development for the green industrial technology. So what are the characteristics of UVLED?
1, that point that is bright, electronic control
      UVLED single wavelength, high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption. There is no need to preheat like a mercury lamp, and it is not necessary to keep the lamp open in order to maintain lamp life and efficiency. UVLED can be instantly open (off) lights, the output energy can also be free to set, and with the machine speed and automatically adjust, very energy efficient, simple and convenient control.
2, do not produce infrared and ozone.
     Traditional mercury lamps produce infrared rays and produce large amounts of heat, causing damage to heat-sensitive substrates. The UVLED cold light source, can effectively avoid the substrate due to overheating and produce shrinkage deformation, the adaptability of the material more widely. UVLED for UV curing is usually a long wavelength of ultraviolet light, so in the curing process does not produce ozone, can maintain a good working environment, relative to the traditional mercury lamp safer and more environmentally friendly.
3, high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption
       UVLED can convert electricity directly into UV light, and the issue of a single band of ultraviolet light, light energy is highly concentrated in a specific UV band, and now mature applications on the market are 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm these bands. The traditional UV mercury lamp emission spectrum is very wide, really effective curing effect of ultraviolet spectral section only part of the same time, photoelectric conversion efficiency is low, energy consumption.
4, long life, low maintenance costs
     LEDUV lamp life of up to 25000-30000 hours or more, more than 10 times the traditional mercury lamp, and the light attenuation is very slow, the service life is not affected by the number of switching. At the same time LED light source without mercury, and no shade and other accessories, so almost no maintenance, reducing maintenance costs.
5, the use of high flexibility, the system size is small
     LED curing light source can be divided into spot curing system, linear curing system, area curing system, uv led  curing box, uv led curing machine with converyor.can be customized effective irradiation area. Light source equipment size is small, the irradiation device and the related supporting device is very compact, does not need the kind of larger mechanical installation space as well as the pipeline construction. This feature allows it to adapt to all kinds of production processes, production processes are more efficient.
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