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Difference of UVLED inkjet printer and UV inkjet printer

Now there are many customers, inkjet printers that used UV mercury lamps, and now want to replace UVLED inkjet printers, but in the process of changing, the price difference is indeed, at the beginning, there will be a little difference, but why UVLED will be so popular, because UVLED inkjet printer and UVLED inkjet printer or there are many differences, such as:
1, the use of UV light and  UVLED  . As the name suggests the use of UV light source is environmentally friendly UVLED light source and general UV inkjet printer used in most of the light source is UV mercury lamp. Power consumption and a lot of mercury.
2, the ink used in the two are different, because the UV mercury lamp light source spectrum is relatively wide, the curing ink photosensitizer corresponding wavelength range is relatively wide, and UVLED inkjet printer UVLED light source wavelength is a single spectral wavelength, it must use and UVLED light source matches the UV ink. Single wavelength UV ink.
And uv led have many advantages to replace the mercury lamp: warm-up time, ready to use at any time.
2.low temperature.
3.low  energy consumption
4.extra-long life ozon,eco-friendly.
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